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communist daughter.

the royals' 12 game losing streak is over and i am less embarrassed to be dedicated now. i can rest a little easier.
i went out there with my dad last night and omg this is where i sat, allow me to gush a little:

yesss right above the bullpen. i felt like a creeper for spying the entire time. too bad greinke wasn't down there. he's my boo.

this summer is good so far, but i desperately need a job and it's not for lack of trying.
i have seen a lot of movies, worked out a lot and sat around with friends a lot.
i dreamt i went back to school last night and it was really odd. i keep thinking summer is almost over but it's just now june. say what!

i'm such a boring person now ughughugh.

tell what's up with you!
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